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Writing Reclaiming Surrendered Ground

Dr. Jim Logan shares his experience about how God led him to write about being equipped for spiritual attacks. Today, it is still being sold and used worldwide to help others get free in Christ and work through strongholds in their life.

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground 

Equip your family for spiritual warfare.

Few families are aware of the Devil's attacks. Fewer know how to withstand them. Is yours ready?

Jim Logan used to think spiritual warfare was a radical idea. That was before he realized just how real it was, especially in the lives of families.

Moved by this discovery, in a ten-year span he read over 400 books on spiritual warfare and counseled hundreds of families under satanic attack, soon emerging as a spiritual warfare expert.

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground
represents the insights gained in those years of study and ministry, and it contains the principles he turned to repeatedly in counseling families. Logan will help you and your family:

   * Become alert to the enemy and his tactics

    * Discover your areas of vulnerability

    * Live freely in Christs victory

Dont let the enemy gain ground in your family. Read Reclaiming Surrendered Ground and be equipped for battle.